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  1. Could I please kindly book 2 Family Royal Court Rooms.

    For 1 of the Family Royal Court Rooms, we are staying from 10 March to 12 March. The other room will be stayed in from 10 March to 20 March.

    Please confirm reservation of these two rooms and send me an invoice or advise me what is the process of organising payment.

    Many thanks,

    • thank you for message ms Jennifer Wong,i will forward your message to our reservation department to confirm your back..thank you

      by Jefri
      It department.

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  15. The exceptions should be very exceptional if OP got redirected and received a different booking and if it is just because of the storm (and the guy isn high status/first class), I wouldn call it exceptional at all. When it weather related cancellations, he should been put on the next available one in 24hours under the same airline or partner. Or until the weather is stable again.
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